◾ Super business pickup

              Shipping fee: TWD$100 (free shipping for two items in the store)

     Note: Currently 7-11, family-wide supermarket pickup services are provided. After the package arrives at the supermarket, you will receive a short message notification. When placing the order, please be sure to leave the correct recipient name and mobile phone number to avoid failure to receive the package smoothly.

◾ Delivery to the home

     Shipping fee: TWD$100 (Free shipping for two items in the store)

     Note: In case of certain festivals or conditions, there will be delays in the operations of logistics manufacturers. If there is a demand for delivery at a specified time, you can write to us to confirm or explain in the order remarks column.

● If our shop cannot accept your order, we will notify you within two working days after receiving your order. However, unless otherwise stipulated by the law.

● The scope of delivery is limited to counties and cities on the island of Taiwan (outer islands only support home delivery).

● You can choose products in our store according to your personal preferences and in accordance with the shopping guidelines.

During the purchase process, if you have any questions or problems, you can directly ask our online editor, or send an Email to our customer service mailbox: [email protected]

● If you have a new purchase plan or package modification after the second day of purchase, please contact us as soon as possible to modify the package for you, and the store staff will arrange for you to ship again.